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Bubba Watson Wearing A Richard Mille RM038 "Bubba Watson Victory Watch" As He Wins The Masters (Again)

Earlier today, Bubba Watson won the Masters for the second time, and again, he did it wearing a Richard Mille watch. Back in 2012 it was a RM038 on his wrist (we showed you the actual fake watch here) and this time Watson was sporting the revised RM038 "Bubba Watson Victory Watch." This slightly different take on the original is a limited edition that pays tribute to Watson's first Masters win and raised money for Watson's charity fund.

The Richard Mille RM038 Bubba Watson Victory fake watch is a very limited edition of only four pieces created to celebrate Watson's 2012 Masters win. The inner flange has been turned green to match the iconic Masters jacket (changed from the original white, which you can see in Watson's original RM038 above) and Watson's signature adorns the caseback. The fake watch on Watson's wrist is number 4 of 4 ?proceeds from the sales of the other three went to support Bubba & Friends Drive to a Million, Watson's fund that supports various charities.

The RM038 is very lightweight and features a manually-wound tourbillon movement that is extremely resistant to shocks, similarly to Rafael Nadal's RM027. The movement was tuned to Watson's swing, making it resistant to G forces in just the right way so Watson can wear the fake watch while playing without worrying. The case is an alloy called magnesium WE 54, which is extremely inert, and the skeletonized bridges are grade 5 titanium for the combination of strength and lightness. The tourbillon has a free-sprung balance and is manually-wound with a power reserve of 48 hours.

The RM038 was priced at $650,000, though, as mentioned above, only three were ever available to the public. You can visit Richard Mille for more.

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